About Me

Catherine is a creative in Brooklyn, New York. She went to school for Fashion Design and is passionate about the fashion industry, especially as it pertains to plus-size fashion and styling. She hopes to one day change the way the plus-size fashion industry operates as a whole. On a regular day, she can be seen hustling down the streets of NYC in a statement outfit with bold-colored hair.

Catherine believes that fashion is more than clothing. Fashion is a language that we use to express the inexpressible. It is an artform that is not only living but that we can live in. It is a thermometer that measures attitudes towards beauty, sexuality, gender, politics, and more. It is inspired by the past and the future simultaneously. She writes about the work that inspires her as well as comments on the work that does exactly the opposite, especially where marginalized groups are concerned.

She is passionate about activism. The Black Lives Matter generation has proven that meaningful change can spark via social media and the internet is an important tool we can use to spark social change. She intends to utilize her platform to speak on what she is passionate about. She writes regarding issues affecting mainly Black women, fat women, and members of the LGBTQ community and uses her Instagram account to uplift and discuss ideas regarding and with other members of those communities.

She believes that entertainment is a large way that a society demonstrates their values and is an indicator of the current social climate so she often spends time critiquing/discussing television shows and movies. The words “representation” and “diversity” are used frequently today and are shaping the way we experience and utilize entertainment. She believes we always need to analyze the messages that we consume and that critique is essential if we wish to continue any type of progress.

This website is a platform where all of her interests and work can be stored and shared, letting the world know exactly who she is. From think pieces to #ootds, fashion, politics, and everything in-between will be here.